Maverick Magazine

“Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators.”
- Stephen Fry

Maverick Magazine is a free literary magazine that was available online and in print from 2009 to 2011. Offering a range of short fiction, chapter extracts, poetry and articles from a global network of contributors, I created Maverick initially as part of an assessed university module. The project specification was to produce a publication, with consideration to design, copyediting, marketing, publicity and costing.

The potential influence of digital technology on the publishing industry was uncertain when I began the project, but I was particularly interested in creating a cross-platform publication that could be appreciated as a physical magazine to flick through, collect and appreciate, but also as a digital download and browser-compatible online edition that broadened the potential readership on an international level and encouraged portability and sharing.

All contributors to Maverick were sourced online, through writing communities and other publications, and issues were intentionally not thematic to ensure that quality writing was the imperative. Issue One was released in Autumn 2009, and reached a small audience who were receptive and provided crucial feedback and support. Without formal training in proofreading, design or web design, there were inevitably aspects that could be improved upon.

Issue Two was released in Spring 2010 and was influenced by the skills I learnt during my university module. With more experience using InDesign and the support garnered from friends and fans of Issue One, I received over 100 contributions from writers as far afield as Australia, India and Canada. I was able to work with a great number of artists whose work really inspired me, and stick to an array of deadlines. I created a more coherent brand image, and produced limited promotional t-shirts to spread the word. They glowed in the dark; I felt very indulgent!

Maverick has now ceased production, but you can still view three issues here, here, and here.

My aim is to establish a career in book publishing – I believe that my initiative and skills in magazine publishing are easily transferrable to the field, and from taking on this challenge I have a strengthened devotion to literature – a commodity, an embodiment of joy, a form of self-expression and the very best kind of escapism.